Meet Laylan

Hi there, new friends! I’m Laylan, a fun-loving, Type A, chatterbox. Wife to Adam and mom to Baby Lo, and also a full time freelance marketing professional. Adam and I grew up in Missouri and moved to the Philadelphia suburbs in 2015. We left everything we knew in Missouri to follow our dreams in Pennsylvania. We love the East Coast, but our Midwestern upbringing is never far from our mind- from the food that we cook (hello, cream cheese and ranch!) to the fond memories of growing up in a small town.

Adam has occasional epilepsy and a traumatic brain injury from a car accident in 1994, and that’s part of why we started a blog- there isn’t a lot of support for brain injury survivors living relatively normal lives on the web. Adam has never considered himself “disabled”- he has a great outlook on life, a happy disposition, and a great sense of humor.

Adam and I have been married since September 2013 and welcomed our baby girl in July 2016. We’re navigating the wild world of parenthood hand-in-hand, and enjoying the ride!